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Silicone Modified Conformal Coating

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Fly in snow and rain; survive the occasional plop into the lake.
  • This is a silicone based liquid that you paint onto ESC's, receivers, flight controllers, video transmitters; pretty much any moisture sensitive electronics that will fail when they come into contact with water.

    Applying Conformal Coating is a similar experience to applying nail polish. For the best resistance to moisture you need to be careful to coat the surface of the PC board uniformly. To aid in this process the manufacturer has included a UV indicator mixed into the Conformal Coat recipe. This UV indicator glows green when you shine a UV "blacklight" on it. We know most people do not have a UV blacklight, so we have included a keychain style UV LED light with each order of Conformal Coat. 

     Conformal coat dries clear with no sticky or oily residue. It can be soldered through without issue, just recoat the solder joint to unify the coating when finished. Conformal Coat should not be used on plugs or sockets as it prevents the flow of electricity. For plugs and sockets we recommend painting Corrosion X into the plugs and sockets with a small artists paint brush. Corrosion X protects plugs and sockets from the damaging effects of water while not inhibiting the flow of electricity through the contacts.