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SM Modell Bau Temperature Sensor


-40° to +125°C Temperature Sensor for use with UniLog 1&2, UniTest 2 and the LiPoWatch.

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  • Measure real time temperature which can be displayed and recorded in parallel with the drive measurement data. Great for recording battery or motor temperatures. 

    - On the LiPoWatch one temperature sensor can be connected

    - On the UniTest 2 a maximum of two temperature sensors can be connected

    - On the UniLog 1 or 2, a maximum of three temperature sensors can be connected simultaneously.  In the setup of the UniLog 1 & 2, the setting "Temperature" must be selected for this sensor attached to the desired A1 to A3 input. 


    • Measurement Range: -40° ~ +125°C (-40° ~ 257°F)
    • Dimensions: 12x6x4mm (.47x.23x.15in)
    • Cable Length: 600mm (23.6in)
    • Weight: 4.6g (.16oz)