SM Modell Bau UniSens-E 280A

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This small and powerful RC telemetry sensor which measures and transmits voltage, current, power, wattage, watt hrs, brushless motor RPM, altitude and vario.

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  • This version of the UniSens-E does not come with power plugs. In place of plugs it comes with 12 gauge silicone power wires approx 4inches long on each side of the UniSens-E.

    The UniSens-E is a pure telemetry sensor designed for electric models. It is very small and very light, but don't let that fool you! The UniSens-E is a powerful RC telemetry tool. 

    This small powerful RC telemetry sensor measures and transmits voltage, current, power, wattage, watt hrs, brushless motor RPM, altitude and vario.

    In line with the philosophy of supporting as many systems as possible, the UniSens-E is compatible with, Jeti Duplex, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner HoTT, Futaba, JR DMSS, FrSky and Spektrum (using spektrum adapters available separately). 

    Your choice of telemetry must be specified in the UniSens-E, only once in the settings menu. This is done via the PC program "UniSens-E Tool" (found on the SM modell bau website) or with the UniDisplay Unit (see link below). New UniSens-E's are shipped with HoTT GAM selected. 

    To change the settings via PC or for firmware updates, a suitable USB interface like the 2550 (link below) or an existing USB connection cable as required by Jeti, Multiplex or Graupner. This is explained in greater detail in the instruction manual. 

    Without additional sensors, the UniSens-E can measure an aircraft's drive system, (eg voltage, current, wattage and even the speed). As a special feature, a brushless RPM sensor is also installed. To measure RPM's, a small cable is connected to one of the three motor phase wires. 

    A high resolution barometric (air pressure) pressure sensor is also integrated into the UniSens-E allowing it to perform as a vario and an altimeter.

    Many limit alarms can be programmed, and when triggered they are reported to the transmitter via telemetry. 

    The current measuring range extends symmetrically in both directions. The measuring direction is simply configured in the setup menu. 

    All measured values ​​of the UniSens-E can be viewed live via the UniDisplay. The UniDisplay can also be used to program all settings and alarms.

    Boats, aerobatic planes, helicopters, HLG's or slow flyers, the UniSens-E can be used in almost any RC vehicle due to its low weight and compact size. 

    The included instructions for the UniSens-E are provided only in German; however, you can review a translated version of the UniSens-E instructions here. This document covers all aspects of configuring and using the UniSens-E  Many thanks to Richard Whitehead for translating them.


    Current Measurement Range200A continuous ~ 280A 20sec 
    Voltage Range0~60V
    Altitude measurement Range0 ~ 8000 meters / auto zero on power-up
    Rx Voltage Measurement Range3.8 ~ 10V
    Data Rate10Hz
    Power SupplyFrom Rx / 3.8 ~10V
    Power Consumption25mA approx.
    External ConnectionsTelemetry, Brushless RPM, Comm Port, Silicone wire (amp meter)
    Dimensions26x22x9mm (not including silicone power wires)