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Speaker Upgrade Module for Taranis

Speaker Upgrade Module for Taranis

Regular Price: $15.00

Special Price $14.40

(In stock)

Speaker Upgrade Module for Taranis

Quick Overview

Upgrade your Taranis with this speaker module. Replaces the stock speaker with this new enclosed kit for improved sound quality.

Regular Price: $15.00

Special Price $14.40

Availability: In stock


One of the great things about the Taranis is all of the great audio feedback, but the speaker could be better. While speaker mods are very popular with the Taranis, they have all required soldering glueing, and some even required grinding the case. Not anymore! Bock Hobby has developed this very complete well thought out speaker module. There is no soldering and no gluing required. Simply pop out the stock speaker and click this module in its place, it's that easy!

To really enjoy your Taranis we highly recommend adding this improved sound pack to your SD card. Click here for more details

(Disclaimer - If you bought your Taranis from somewhere other than Aloft, any modifications to the radio may void your warranty. If you bought from Aloft your radios is still covered with this mod installed.)

  1. Sounds Better review by John on 8/10/2015

    I just got it in the mail and installed it in five minutes. The longest part was using a blade to cut through the glue holding the stock speaker. The new one drops right in, no skills of any kind require other than eyesight and working fingers. The sound is better over the stock speaker. The voice is much clearer and fuller. Music tracks sound better. If your looking for amazing sound this is not it. Exactly what I wanted and I’m pleased with it. Super easy install.

  2. Super upgrade... review by Barry on 7/26/2015

    Removed the battery and six screws from the back, make sure switches E & G were forward, the case came apart, brown wire from switches were up. Removing the connector from the old speaker was the toughest part IMO. I then cut & picked glue from around the old speaker, it came out nice. I test fit the new speaker, there are two little posts on the radio that fit nicely into holes in the replacement mount, these keep the speaker aligned, also the big upper holes where the case screws go through were in the right spot. I then removed the speaker from the test fit and put a dab of hot glue in three spots and slid it in place. Perfect. Put the wire connector on, good fit, then the back with 6 screws, minding the upper switches. Installed the battery and powered her up. She sounds fuller with nice volume, no more tin can sound. Highly recommended!..thanks Aloft!!

  3. Quality and Installation review by BIGEMANN on 6/15/2015

    I have the Taranis X9D Plus .The sound improvement with this speaker upgrade was good , but not impressive .
    There's a small rectangular 1 1/4 inch long plastic brace that mounts to 2 risers on either side of the stock speaker to hold it in place . It can be gently wriggled side to side to be removed , so the stock speaker can be removed . I then found that the baffle on the upgrade is so wide that it would not sit down completely flush to the case between the 2 risers , so I had to break them off (no big deal) . (I also found that the positive and negative wires had to be reversed on the plug of the upgrade) . I also had to ream the 2 holes on the baffle to get it to line up and sit flush in the original speaker area . There is a protrusion on the opposite side on the mounting holes on the baffle that goes under the board where the speaker plugs in . If this lip is put on top of the plug the baffle will be loose and rattle .
    These are not major deal breakers , but this is not a plug and play as stated in the description .
    BTW....make sure you tape down or remember the orientation of the two 3 way switches when you begin the removal of the stock speaker !

  4. Not good review by philippe on 6/13/2015

    The connector is inverted. The black line to the VCC and Red to the GND
    I was forced to break the box to check the connections.

    Le connecteur est inversé. Le file noir pour le VCC et Rouge pour GND
    J'ai été obligé de casser le boitier pour vérifier les connexions.

  5. Good upgrade review by Timothy on 5/9/2015

    Tonight I installed the new speaker. As others have said it is a reasonably simple upgrade and the sound quality and volume level has improved Just remove the 6 rear screws, open up the case, unplug the speaker and pull it out and the new just pops in.

  6. Good Upgrade, just doesn't stop the humming issue review by Jason on 4/4/2015

    Easy upgrade, and definitely improves stock sound quality on Taranis (I don't have the Taranis plus). I guess I was expecting it to stop the quiet humming issue with the stock setup as well, which it does not. Otherwise, definitely worthwhile upgrade.

  7. Excellent upgrade. review by james on 3/27/2015

    Installed the speaker upgrade to the Taranis and its so much louder and clearer. Wasn't exactly a perfect fit but any modeler won't have any
    trouble installing it. All you have to do is ream out the mounting holes a tad. You cannot go wrong with this upgrade.

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