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Spektrum Adapter

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Adapter cable for connecting UniSens-E, UniLog 2 and GPS-Logger 1&2 to be used with Spektrum telemetry. Translates the sensor data into the spektrum X-Bus format.

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  • Using the Spektrum adapter, SM Modellbau sensors (UniSens-E, GPS-Logger 1 & 2 and UniLog 2) can be used with telemetry capable Spektrum receivers and the Spektrum TM1000 system. The Spektrum adapter translates the data from the sensors into the X-Bus protocol. 

    All telemetry-capable spektrum transmitters with the exception of the DX7s and DX8 are suitable for displaying the data. 

    The Spektrum adapter has a servo receptacle for the telemetry cable from the sensor and two X-Bus ports. An X-Bus connection is connected to the X-Bus of the receiver with the enclosed cable. The second X-Bus connector can then be plugged in another spectrum compatible sensor. The two X-Bus connectors are identical and can be exchanged as required. 

    Several sensors can be connected in parallel to the Spektrum adapter via appropriate Y cables. You will need to assign the various sensors to adapter addresses in the setup menu. It is important that no spektrum sensor is assigned twice to the same address. 

    For more information, see the instructions for UniSens-E, GPS-Logger 2, and UniLog 2.