SST 48 slope glider

Affordable fun! Light and aerobatic this plane is a hoot!
  • Fancy Foam Models is producing the SST (Sloper Steve Tribute). This is one very aerobatic wing! At home on the slope in very light lift , or toss it around indoors, it's just a fun to fly, carefree ship.

    Airfoil -
    Wingspan 48"
    Wing Area 522 sq"
    Length -
    Empty Weight -
    RTF Weight 8oz.
    Controls Aileron, Elevator
    Construction EPP Foam
    Tail Type None
    Recommended Setup Recommended CG is 9-3/4" from the nose. Flying weight is 5 to 8oz. Electronics: 4ch receiver (2) 9gram servos 1s-600mah or 2s-350 battery.