FrSky Stick Ends and Neck Strap Mount for Taranis X-Lite

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Two sets of stick ends and a transmitter strap mount for the Taranis X-Lite.

  • Extend or shorten the stick length on your X-Lite transmitter with this custom stick end kit. Lengthening the stick ends allows for a more precise control especially when using a hybrid pinch grip. This kit also includes a very short stick end that is intended to improve control when thumbing. Both stick ends are equipped with a set screw so you can lock in your prefered stick height.  The stick ends are available in either Red or Silver.

    Also included in this kit is a transmitter strap mount. The mount wraps around the center of the X-Lite and locks into place. Once the neck strap is clipped in, there is no chance of the mount accidentally opening. The included adhesive backed micro cell foam strips can be added to the inside of the strap mount to prevent scuffing of the X-Lite' finish.

    Comes with:

    • Two sets of stick ends
    • Strap mount
    • Anti scuff adhesive strips

    Stick Dimensions:

    • Long Stick 18mm (.708in)
    • Short Stick 10.5mm (.413in)