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Top Model Still Racer


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Top Models latest zippity do da!
  • Not sure about the name but it sure looks fast sittin' still.

    Being a Top Model kit you can expect the build quality to be excellent and the covering job to be beautiful. The wing has good torsional load resistance. It is foam cored, glass reinforced, and fully sheeted in balsa. The horizontal stabilizer is a built-up balsa construction utilizing a carbon spar and leading edge. The fiberglass fuselage is reinforced with carbon in key places, giving it good flight rigidity while retaining enough flexibility to absorb landing mishaps. The hardware kit is very well thought out, complete, and consists of quality components. 

    Top Model does a great job of packaging their kits, which is very reassuring in this day and age. You'll know what I mean when you open the box.

    If you would like to review the assembly manual, click here.

    Available in orange.

    Kit Contents:

    • Fiberglass gel coated fuselage
    • One-piece composite wing
    • Lightweight, stiff, carbon reinforced horizontal stabilizer
    • High quality accessories kit (FG motor mount, pushrods, fiberglass control horns etc.)
    • Decal sheets
    • Well illustrated step by step instruction manual
    Airfoil special
    Wingspan 1000mm (39.3in)
    Wing Area 13.4dm2 (207.7 sq.in)
    Length 700mm / 27.5 inches
    RTF Weight .65- .75kg (23- 26.4oz)
    Controls Aileron, Elevator, Throttle
    Recommended Setup

    Motor: 2800ish Kv 35Amps max

    40 Amp ESC

    X4R Rx

    1800 - 2600 mAh 3s Lipo

    4.7 x 4.7 propeller

    3x  JX PDI-0902MG Servo

    Wing Loading 48.5- 56g/dm2 (1.7~1.97oz/sq.ft)