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Alofts Custom Version of the Special Edition.
  • We asked FrSky to make us a Custom special edition Taranis with a feature set that reflects the requests that many of you have asked us for.  In the list below I will take you on a quick tour, which explains the differences between this Special Edition and the stock version. 

    Most requested feature: solder on antenna. The solder on antenna has been the most reliable option for the Taranis since it's inception. What else can I say? 

    Second greatest request: Can I get the special edition in the stock silver color? Ta-Da! Click the "add to cart" button above and it is : wish fulfilled!

    Ok, the rest of these bits are par for the course for a special edition.

    Ubiquitous to any FrSky Special Edition radio is the recently released Hall effect gimbal the M9. If you are not familiar with the M9's they have a "Hall Effect" (magnetic/contactless; not bits to wear out) sensor instead of a potentiometer sensor. In short, this means the Hall effect gimbals will considerably outlast the stock gimbals, while also remaining very electrically accurate throughout their life spans. 

    Adorning the aforementioned gimbals are FrSky's, bronze Lotus stick ends. The Lotus are an exceptional stick end, comfortable and non-slip even under harsh conditions. (The stickends pictured above are the Starpower stick ends. FrSky has since supplied all Taranis Special Editions with Lotus stickends.)

    Last on this list of goodies are the higher quality than stock switches and pots. They feel smoother to the touch and will out last the stock switches by many cycles. 

    • The Custom Special Edition of the X9D comes with a battery and a charger and is shipped in a sharp looking EVA travel case. Enjoy!

    This concludes the "Semi-Special Edition" aspect of this write up. If you would like additional information pertaining to the stock X9D click here.

    We highly suggest getting the printed manual to accompany your new Taranis!  See related products below for the link...

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