Tattu 1S 450mAh 3.8V HV 95C Long fits Tiny Hawk


This pack has a JST-PHR plug only.

  • High Voltage 3.8V, 95C, 450mAh, Long Pack that fits the Emax Tiny Hawk. This battery comes with a JST-PHR plug.

    Tattu batteries have been designed to a higher tolerance level than your typical hobby grade battery. If you are looking for a lightweight, reliable battery to power your latest creation, the Tattu 45c series will work well for you. High energy density and a solid discharge rate means longer flight times, faster acceleration, and higher top end speeds. A solid performing battery at a good price.

    Dimensions 58x 17x 8.5mm (2.2x.66x.33in)
    Weight 13g (.45oz)
    Nominal Voltage 3.8 HV
    Nominal Capacity mAh 450
    Standard Charge mA 450(1C)
    Cell Type Lithium Polymer
    Cells 1
    Max Burst Discharge Rate 190c
    Connector Type JST-PHR-2P / fits EMAX Tiny Hawk
    Discharge Rate 95c