Tattu 2500 2S FPV Goggle Battery

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A slick battery pack specifically for powering FPV goggles.

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  • Designed specifically to power FPV headsets, this battery is a perfect goggle pack. Smaller than packs that use removable 18650 cells and has very nearly the same capacity. Comes with a 3.5mm barrel plug and a built in voltmeter. Just press the small button on the top of the pack and the voltmeter led's illuminate.

    This battery, like all of Tattu's offerings are designed to higher tolerance levels than your typical hobby grade batteries. They are lightweight, reliable and will do a good job for you.  A solid performing battery at a good price.

    Capacity mAh2500
    Discharge RateN/A
    Max Burst Discharge RateN/A
    Weight ±20g102g 
    Dimesnions73.7x38.1x18.6mm (2.9x1.5x.73in)
    Connector3.5mm Barrel Connector
    Wire Gauge14
    Power Wire Length45mm (1.7in)
    Balance ConnectorJST-XHR

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