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Tattu 2 in 1 5200mAh Portable USB Power Bank


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Never get caught with a dead phone at the flying field again.

  • This compact, black, square shaped device is Tattu's rendition of the now very common cell phone portable power bank. Inside it's fire and heat resistant case is a 5200mAh Li-ion battery, built to Tattu's top standard. The device is charged by plugging it straight into any US style 100-240V AC household socket via its fold out plug. It takes a relatively short time to charge and 4 blue LEDs on the face tell you the charge percentage. It is equipped with two USB ports and is able to charge most common personal electronics such as a cell phone or ipad and is packed with safety features, you can even use it to charge small 1s batteries for those toy quads or UMX planes while you're at the field.


    AC input100-240V
    Battery TypeLithium Ion
    Battery Capacity5200 mAh
    Battery OutputDC 5V @ 1A / 2.4A (3.4A Max)
    Safety Features
    •  Short-Circuit Protection,
    • Overvoltage Protection,
    • Overcurrent Protection,
    • Overcharge Protection,
    •  Over discharge Protection