Tattu R-Line 1550 4s 95c Square XT60


Less sag. More amps and... it's square!

  • Same great battery, new form factor.  Keeping the battery mass centered around your multi's center of gravity will help you achieve a more locked in feel, as the quad is not having expend extra energy trying to whip around mass that is further away from the point of balance. 

    If you are looking for a strong battery to power your latest creation, the Tattu R-Line will work well for you. Increased energy density, lower internal resistance, and higher discharge rates means longer flight times, faster acceleration, and higher top end speeds. The Tattu R-Line has been designed to survive the rigors of FPV racing, which means, putting this battery into anything less than a tricked out, tuned up, amp sucking, race quad is going to be a walk in the park.

    Dimensions49.5 x 49.5x 41.5mm (1.9x1.9x1.6in)
    Weight178g (6.2oz)
    Nominal Voltage14.8
    Nominal Capacity mAh1550
    Standard Charge mA1550 (1C)
    Cell TypeLithium Polymer
    Maximum Discharge Rate95c
    Max Burst Discharge Rate190c
    Connector TypeXT-60
    Wire Gauge12
    Wire / Plug Length65mm (2.5in)
    Balance ConnectorJST-XHR-5P