TBS Crossfire 8Ch Diversity Receiver


When you just gotta go; far, far out.


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  • Whether your a freestyler who wants the fastest, control link possible or a long range FPV pilot, who's really going the distance, the Crossfire was designed for you. The Crossfire is the rock solid, super low latency control link you have been looking for.


    The TBS CROSSFIRE 8ch Diversity Receiver is a compact R/C receiver with 8ch PWM outputs (PPM, SBUS and CRSF capable), with best-in-industry noise-rejection and record-breaking range capability. It is the only receiver to provide true dual-input stage, chip based diversity, with the usual filtering and noise rejection from on-board video systems.


    Ever lost a plane and spent hours looking for it? Enter the TBS CROSSFIRE beacon mode. The 8ch diversity receiver comes with a built-in LiPo battery that will keep the receiver running for a full day after all onboard electronics are dead. It will be screaming for help by giving you its GPS coordinates, and also blasting out RF beacon signals that will allow you to pinpoint its location even if no GPS was ever on your airplane.


    BST, the Black Sheep Telemetry port, spreads the goodness of the TBS CROSSFIRE to any device that listens. For example, the TBS CORE PRO can display the RSSI and link quality info. Through CRSF the telemetry gets sent to the ground, where it can be captured by any bluetooth smart device. Software updates will get automatically spread across the entire ecosystem, through a single entry point (e.g. CORE PNP PRO). It's just user-friendly and safer that way! In case you're running out of BST ports, TBS includes a BST port splitter free of charge!


    FLARM is a traffic awareness and collision avoidance technology for General Aviation, light aircraft, and UAVs. The TBS Crossfire Diversity RX's will be able to broadcast on the FLARM network for free. Receiving drone and general aviation traffic information on your OSD requires additional licenses. Paired with the CORE PRO or FPVision and TBS GPS, you can get a virtual radar showing other FLARM devices around you (within ~3km range). 

    This allows safe navigation in crowded airspace, or nail biting proximity formation flights with your buddies! Full Scale aviation will be alerted if your drone is on a collision course with them, and vice versa. 

    If you would like to peruse the user manual you can find it here.


    • TBS Crossfire 8Ch Diversity Rx
    • TBS Crossfire Stock Rx Antenna(2pc)
    • BST splitter (one input to three output)
    • BST cable(20cm)

    Note: It is the consumer's responsibility to be aware of, and abide by, any laws within the airspace in which the consumer will be conducting radio frequency controlled flight; concerning the transmission of radio waves in excess of a certain number of milliwatts. It is possible the operator of the aforementioned radio equipment is required to obtain licensing to operate said equipment in a lawful manner.