TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver V2


When your reflexes are faster than your equipment or you just need to go the distance.


  • Whether your a freestyler who wants the fastest, control link possible or a long range FPV pilot, who's really going the distance, the Crossfire was designed for you. The Crossfire is the rock solid, super low latency control link you have been looking for.

    A super-tiny, super-lightweight UHF long range receiver. Perfect match for your mini- or micro-quads as well as 4ch aircraft. It now comes with a servo-adapter board for high-current servos and 4ch PWM connectivity (requires a software update to your Crossfire TX!)

    • Weight: 3.32g(V2)
    • SIze:4x1.4x0.95(cm)


    • 1x TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver
    • 1x TBS Crossfire Micro RX Adapter
    • 1x TBS Crossfire Micro RX Adapter Cable
    • 1x Spare antenna
    • 1x Spare shrink tube
    • 1x TBS Vendetta(BST) cable
    • 1x TBS Powercube cable
    • 1x Standard RC cable

    Note: It is the consumer's responsibility to be aware of, and abide by, any laws within the airspace in which the consumer will be conducting radio frequency controlled flight; concerning the transmission of radio waves in excess of a certain number of milliwatts. It is possible the operator of the aforementioned radio equipment is required to obtain licensing to operate said equipment in a lawful manner.