TBS Inverter Mod Board


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If you planning on using a Crossfire with either a Taranis Q X7 or a Horus X10 you should be aware of this mod.
  • Q X7 and X10 / Crossfire owners,

    The Q X7 and Horus X10 radios are not fully compatible with the Crossfires 400K baud rate, CRSF protocol. The radio link is not affected, just the telemetry or Lua script.

    As we understand it, the early Q X7's may not have had an issue and will work just fine but iyou are experiencing constant telemetry warnings or crashing LUA scripts when using the Crossfire this mod will help.

    Installing the TBS Inverter mod will allow your transmitter to communicate with the Crossfire at the intended full 400k baud rate.

    The installation of the board is not a beginners endeavor. You must be proficient at soldering and have the skill/experience to remove an SMD component without damaging the surrounding components.

    More information as well as installation instructions can be found here.