Tempest 2.7 Meter Slope Soarer

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    The Tempest really lives up to its name. Designed by Jonathan Wells, the Tempests 2.7 Meter span with its custom airfoil does an excellent job converting lift into speed. This plane has a very wide speed envelope and excels in high energy conditions; yet, still flies great in light lift and is easy to land (see videos). 

     Tempest in 66mph wind.

     Tempest in 25mph wind

     Tempest Landing in 25mph wind

    Tempest am Fels bei 2-4 bft from Uwe Heuer on Vimeo.

    Un-ballasted the ship weighs in at approximately 2.4kg and can be ballasted up to 4.1kg using the rectangular ballast compartments in the wing roots. 

    The hardware pack for finishing the plane contains all control surface hardware. CNC'd plywood servo trays and fuselage servo tray, carbon control horns and the screws for attaching the horizontal stabilizer (see pics).

    There is no build manual for this plane and requires previous modeling experience to build and set-up. More detailed information can be found in this Tempest thread.



    Tempest Specs:

    • Wing Span: 2.75m - 108in
    • Wing Area: 50dm2 - 775sq in
    • Length: 140cm - 54.9in
    • Flying Weight Unballasted: 2400g - 85oz
    • Max Flying Weight: 4120g - 145oz
    • Wing Loading: 48g/dm - 15.7oz/sq ft
    • Aspect Ratio: 15:1
    • Wing Airfoil: Custom Secret Sauce
    • Dihedral: 2.5° 
    • Center of Gravity: 103 - 107mm from leading edge of wing
    • Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder
    Additional Information:

    • Aileron & Flap Bays: 55mm x 46mm, for 10mm Thick Servo
    • Elevator Fin Bay: 38mm x 41mm for Servo up to 12mm Thick
    • Rudder Servo Forward Tray Hole Size: 25.5mm x 12mm
    • Wing Joiner: 36mm x 12mm x 375mm Total Length
    • Wing Ballast Holes: 2x 10.5mm x 20.6mm x 249mm
    • T-Tail Mounting Bolts: M4 x 25mm Countersunk
    Set-up Information: