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The Nighthawk 200 3mm

Regular Price: $44.00

Special Price $30.00

Nighthawk 200 Quadcopter Frame with 3mm thick lower plate.

  • The Nighthawk 200. Speed, agility and resilience.

    The NH 200 is one tough little bugger, owing in part to the 200's motor guards. The motor guards add a layer of protection when the quad inadvertently meets terra firma. This little frame has quickly proven itself to be fun to fly as well as having good crash resilience.

    Points of Interest:

    1. Upper body plates, super tough, 1.3mm thick, 2 x 4 twill, Carbon Fiber unibody.
    2. A 3mm thick lower plate is a good compromise between stiffness and weight.
    3. Optional motor guards with landing skids are included for maximum crash protection.
    4. 20 & 30 degree camera angle options for better visibility during high speed flight.
    5. A low center of gravity battery mount allows for greater precision when flying acrobatics.


    • 210mm, motor center to motor center, measured diagonally
    • Weight: 97g

     Recommended Setup:

    • Emax Skyline 32 Flight Controller
    • Sitela CC3D BEC and PDB
    • Emax Nano 12A ESC's
    • Emax MT 2204 II - 2300KV Motors
    • Prop 5x3 4s / 5x4 3s
    • Batt   3s 1300mAh 40c, 4s 1000mAh 50c