Third axis stick end for the Horus

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Third axis stick end with momentary pushbutton switch.

  • Would you like to add fingertip control of a camera gimbal or to transform your Horus radio to single stick operation? The third axis control stick kit can help you achieve that. Finely finished and machined from solid Aluminum and Stainless Steel, this stick end is an excellent compliment to the build quality of the Horus. 

    You will  have some electrical connections to make for the potentiometer and the momentary switch. A informational sheet is included that explains which wires handles what signals. A pair of plugs and crimp-on contacts are included and allow you to do a very neat and professional looking install.

    Works with Horus gimbals only. (A creative person should be able to adapt this to most any gimbal on the market.)

     Kit Includes:

    • Gimbal stick with built in potentiometer and momentary pushbutton switch
    • Electrical Plugs and crimp-on wire contacts
    • Information sheet

    Gimbal not included.

  • Customer Reviews

    Awesome. I may need one for a Q7 conversion

    Easy to assemble into my Taranis x9d + with the m9 hall effect gimbals. Just replace any momentary switch with the button if you'd like. Use the needle trick to test your inputs or you can play with the jst plug pins. It really is easy to do. Don't let that other review stir you if you can figure out things. The swing is wide so tune your radio accordingly. Review by fATAL • (Posted on 3/27/2018)

    not bad well machined.

    not a bad little stick end. the machining is great black finish is nice and smooth no bumps or light spots, design is lacking in some minor ways. wiring diagram was easy to understand.
    the centering spring is a very stiff though. it just uses a coil spring wrapped around the pot shaft with long ends that engage two pins in the knob. its about as stiff if you tightened the springs on your radio gimbal all the way down, so if you are going to use it for a rudder channel you will have to think of modifying it to make it a bit more soft. it seems to be more for running a camera pan or old an video editing machine. upon taking the knob off it looks like it has the ability to have a different centering system. there are holes in different locations on both the body and the knob for pins. aloft really needs to see if the other version is available. the reason i gave it 4 out 5 is that you cannot adjust the spring tension or take the body apart, it appears to be a press fit. it could have easily been held together with 3 small screws or threaded with a small set screw to keep it from rotating., or just a set screw on the out side. i understand that for most people this is not a problem, but if you were to get a faulty pot you would have to buy a whole new one, or in my case i may need to change the pot out to a different ohm value. Review by roto4ash • (Posted on 8/6/2017)

    Lacking documentation.

    The swing either side of center is too many degrees.
    There is no wiring diagram. (I don't see where we are to connect the outputs?)
    The Horus does not have extra inputs on the circuit board, like the X9E does, to accommodate extra functions. Review by lc • (Posted on 2/20/2017)

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