FrSky Third Axis Stick End

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Third axis stick end with momentary pushbutton switch.

  • Would you like to add fingertip control of a camera gimbal or to transform your Horus radio to single stick operation? The third axis control stick kit can help you achieve that. Finely finished and machined from solid aluminum and stainless steel, this stick end is an excellent complement to the build quality of the Horus. 

    You will  have some electrical connections to make for the potentiometer and the momentary switch. A informational sheet is included that explains which wires handles what signals. A pair of plugs and crimp-on contacts are included and allow you to do a very neat and professional looking install.

    Works with Horus gimbals only. (A creative person should be able to adapt this to most any gimbal on the market.)

     Kit Includes:

    • Gimbal stick with built in potentiometer and momentary pushbutton switch
    • Electrical Plugs and crimp-on wire contacts
    • Information sheet

    Gimbal not included.

    Will work with Horus X12S or X10S gimbals. Can be modified to work with most radios.