Top Model Minus Acro


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Wanna build a cool balsa sloper? 

  • If you love small aerobatic slope planes with elliptical planforms, this is your plane. Exciting and energetic owing to its short span and slippery fuse, the Acro has an incredibly fast roll rate as well as the ability to penetrate 20+ mph winds. For seasoned builders, this kit is a snap, with many saying it took longer to cover it than to build it. The laser cut parts are really nice featuring crisp lines and a thin kerf which helps to make assembly an enjoyable experience. The kit comes with a professionally printed full size plan that includes step by step instructions.  A quick Google search of the "Minus Acro" will yield a few videos, pics and some other useful info for those of you who would like to learn more. 

    Wingspan 700mm / 27.56in
    Wing Area 660cm2 / 102in2
    Length 572mm / 22.52in
    RTF Weight 100g / 3.52oz
    Tail Type Vee
    Recommended Setup


    • Power HD DSP 33 digital servos ( comes with micro connectors, but fits very well in this tiny fuse.)


    • FrSky V8R4 II (best physical fit)