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Top Model Thermik Dream

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3 meters of electric fun!

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  •  Thermik Dream

     Top Model has a knack for creating designs that stand the test of time. Whether you like to slope or whistle around the sky under power the TD is up to the challenge. The Thermic Dream is an elegant, high performance electric sailplane with a slippery planform and good energy retention.

    Here are some details about the construction. The glass epoxy fuselage is stiff and roomy with a beautiful white gel coat, exterior finish. The 3 meter wing sports a S7012 airfoil and is traditional sheeted foam construction expertly finished in Oracover film. The 3 peice wing is equipped with independent flaps and ailerons giving the ability to change wing camber, add snap flaps or provide strong braking when needed. A powerful brushless motor system running on a 4-5s lipo, will provide an exciting climb rate with flight times around 30min with careful throttle usage. To peruse the build manual click here. To see a video of it flying click here.

     More Info

    • Fuselage, canopy and winglets are hollow moulded fiberglass, gel coated
    • 3 piece wing for an easy transportation and storage
    • Foam core, balsa sheeted wing, with hardwood spars
    • Fiberglass reinforced control surfaces to avoid twisting
    • Expertly covered with Oracover® polyester film
    • Full flying elevator with the servo installed into the vertical fin for responsiveness and precision
    • Balsa tails surfaces and full flying elevator
    • CNC routed wood formers and misc. parts
    • Comprehensive hardware package
    • Pre Cut vinyl graphics
    • Fully illustrated step by step build manual 
    Airfoil S7012
    Wingspan 3 meters (118in)
    Wing Area 60.9 /dm2 (944in2)
    Length 1510mm (59.45in)
    RTF Weight 2.6kg (91.7oz)
    Recommended Setup


    • KST DS 135MG wing servos x4
    • KST DS 115MG rudder x1
    • KST DS 115MG elevator x1


    • Motor - Mega ACn 22/45/3E
    • Prop - CAM Carbon 15/10", 38x25,5cm
    • 40mm Turbo Spinner
    • ESC - 55 - 60A 
    • Batt - 4s 3.2-3.6 mAh


    • X8R