TopModel Aircraft Transport Bags

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Ward off hangar rash and UV damage.

  • TopModel Aircraft Transport bags are made of foil laminated, mesh reinforced Polyethylene with a foam interior.* This combination of materials provides protection from Ultraviolet exposure, heat from the sun, as well as hangar rash. The bags are sewn together using a rugged nylon piping and have velcro closures. 

    * The Ventus 2C transport bags are a premium transport bag, made of navy blue cordura with orange trim that have padded black velour interiors and zipped enclosures with carry handles. This set includes a wing bag, fuselage bag, a bag for the elevator and wing joiner and two winglet cover bags.

    Each set of travel bags are sized to fit a particular TopModel Aircraft, those aircraft are shown in the pictures, listed in the drop down menu above, and in the bullet list below.

    If you are considering purchasing a set of travel bags for a non TopModel aircraft, the basic sizes of each travel bag set are listed in the list below. There is no guarantee that any set of bags will fit a non TopModel aircraft. The dimensions given in the bullet list below are not the actual wing bag dimensions but the estimated dimensions of the wing sections that should fit into those bags.

    • Avia 2.5m: 2 piece wing, wing bag root 8.5"x 47.5"  / V-Tail, root 4.75"x9"
    • Discus 2C 4.5m: 2 piece wing, wing bag root 10"x 84" / Fuselage bag 62" long, 14" high at the rudder and 8" at the highest point in the canopy area. Elevator / wing joiner bag 9"x 24".
    • Elite V 2.6m: 3 piece wing, center section, root 10"x 42"  / wing tips 37.5" / V-Tail, root 6"x14.5"
    • Enigma 2.74m: 3 piece wing, center section, root 10"x 42" / wing tip bag 31.5" / ele bag, root 7.5"x 14" / Rudd bag root 9.5"x 6.5" short side
    • Gin 2.3m: 2 piece wing,wing bag root 7.75"x 43" / ele bag, root 4.75 x 8.5" / Rudd bag root 5.75"x5.25" short side
    • Grafis Maxi 3.5m: 3 piece wing, center section, root 10.5"x 56" /  wing tip bag 40" / ele bag root 5.5"x 12.5" / rudd bag root 10"x 7" short side
    • Prelude 2.5m: 2 piece wing, wing bag root 8"x47.5" / ele bag root 4.75"x9.5" / Rudd bag root 5.5"x5.5" short side
    • Prelude REF 2.5m: 2 piece wing, wing bag, root 8"x47.5" / ele bag root 4.5"x9.5" / Rudd bag root 9.5"x6.5" short side
    • Samsara 3.2m:3 piece wing, center section, root 10"x 51" / wing tip bag 36.5" / ele bag root 5"x 11.5" / Rudd bag root 6.5"x 11"