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TopModel Power Pod for Large Electric Sailplanes


Add self launch capability to your large sailplane.

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  • A nice piece of kit to get your large Sailplane off the ground without the help of a winch, tow plane or slope. The TopModel power pod kit is very well made, using high quality parts throughout. If you would like to study the installation instructions you can find those here.

    This power pod is designed to pull larger sailplanes in the 4.5 ~ 13kg weight range.

    Whats in the box:

    • Fiberglass pylon with aluminum motor plate
    • 62mm Vented aluminum spinner with 5 & 6mm collets
    • Spring set for closing propeller on power off
    • Aluminum mounting tube
    • Plywood fuselage reinforcement
    • Fuselage interior, plywood fastening plate
    • Hardware package

    Suggested Setup for 4.5-5.5kg Models:

    • 4120/18 or equivalent motor (6mm shaft) 5s capable
    • 75 Amp ESC
    • 5s liPo Battery
    • Propeller 14x10 CAM folding prop

    Suggested Setup for 11-13kg Models:

    • 4120 ish motor (Hacker A-5016L) - 265Kv
    • 100 amp ESC
    • 8s LiPo Battery
    • Propeller 17x13 CAM folding prop