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TopModel Samsara

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A beautiful, 3.2 meter, powered thermal hunter.
  • Upon opening the box that contained the Samsara, I was once again pleasantly surprised to see TopModels very good craftsmanship and build quality. All of the parts are individually wrapped or bagged; airframe parts, screws, control linkages to the firewall, the kit is beautifully packed and very complete! 

    The Samsara is an excellent thermal ship that features a sleek and long carbon reinforced glass fuselage that is light yet strong with ample room for gear. A traditionally built up, 3 piece, D-tube balsa wing does the heavy lifting. The full flying elevator is a built up balsa construction with a carbon spar and a carbon leading edge. Both the elevator and the rudder servos reside within the tail, increasing control surface accuracy, preserving fuselage space and eliminating unduly long control rods.

    The Mark Drela AG series airfoils allow the Samsara to float around in a thermal yet, slip briskly through the sink when searching for the next source of lift.

    If you would like to peruse the build instructions click here.

    Contents of the kit:

    • Lightweight fiberglass fuselage molded in a white epoxy gel coat with removable canopy
    • Three piece built up wing eases transport and storage
    • Lightweight wings are jig built and then covered with Oracover®
    • Tailplanes are constructed of balsa and carbon and then covered with Oracover®
    • Top quality components for finishing the kit
    • Vinyl CNC cut decals
    • Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations
    Length 1800mm (70.8 inches)
    Airfoil AG
    Wingspan 3200 mm (126in)
    Wing Area 71 dm2 (7.64sqft)
    RTF Weight 2kg ~ 2.2kg (70.5 – 77.6oz)
    Controls Aileron, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle
    Construction Fiberglass Fuselage, Wood Wing
    Tail Type Full Flying Elevator
    Recommended Setup
    • Motor: Mega ACn 22/30/3E or equivalent
    • ESC: 60-80 amp 
    • Prop: 14 x 9
    • Wing servos: 4 X KST DS135MG
    • Rudd, Elev, servos: MKS 6100 or equivalent
    • Battery: 2200mAh - 3200mAh 3s 
    • 40mm spinner / 5mm collet