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TREMPIK Hand Launch Glider Kit


An ideal introduction to classic balsa building and dope and tissue covering.

  • A great way to enter the world of traditional stick and tissue building. The wing is constructed from balsa sticks and is then sanded to an airfoil shape as shown on the plans. The instructions for the kit are written in kit Czech but the detailed drawing should be enough instruction to complete the airframe building. You will need to research tissue covering if you are unfamiliar with the process. One very helpful feature of the kit is that all of the parts are numbered and the their corresponding numbers are shown on the plan reducing guesswork to a minimum.   .

    Building the kit requires only the most basic tools. Modeling knife, scissors, model pins, glue, sanding block etc.

    The kit contains all parts needed for the fuselage, wing, tails; ballast, sandpaper, white and red tissue, rubber for the wing hold down, a sticker sheet and a 1:1 scale drawing for building on.

     All the kit parts are CNC routered resulting in very precise and clean cuts

    Wingspan575mm (22.6in)
    Length510mm (20.8)
    Weight45g (1.5oz)