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Trotter HLG KIT

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If you'd rather build it yourself........

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  • About the Kit

    Building this kit isn't too difficult if you already have some building experience, I would not however recommend it as a first build. The fuselage parts are prefabbed and just need assembly and fitting out. The wings carbon "d-tubes" are pre-made, as well as the wing spars. The builder will need to install the wing ribs (a jig is included to help with this), spars and trailing edges; and build up the V-tails. Then, thin Uni-directional carbon (included) is used as cap strips for all the ribs and as reinforcement for the V-tails. The rest of the build is straight forward from there.

    About the Model.

    The Trotter HLG is a traditional hand launch glider and has been designed and constructed by a Croatian hand launch glider team. The team has successfully campaigned the Trotter and have taken home numerous medals as a result.  The wing construction utilizes a carbon D-Box and the wing ribs are reinforced top and bottom with UD carbon and are consolidated at their trailing edge with a carbon strip. The airfoil is the S4083 making the Trotter ideal for thermal sailing. The fuselage is comprised mainly of carbon fiber. The wing saddle area is reinforced with glass and carbon and the nose cone is 2.4ghz friendly kevlar. The V-tail is constructed from balsa and the ribs are carbon reinforced. Due to the Trotters simple construction, it is relatively easy to build and repair, making it suitable for beginner and experienced builders alike.  The Trotter only requires two channels and a V-tail mix to fly. 

    If you would prefer a Trotter ARF instead click the link at the bottom of this page.

    Below is a video of a Trotter in action. A customer sent us this and he reports that he is very pleased with the performance and very light weight of the plane.

    What's in the KIT box:

    • Fuselage, boom, nose cone, servo tray
    • Carbon leading edges for D-Box
    • Pre-made wing spars (balsa with carbon caps-wrapped in Kevlar and glass)
    • Laser cut balsa ribs and carbon ribbon for spar caps
    • Hardware kit
    • Full size drawing


    • Wingspan: 1.5m (59.1")
    • Wing Cord: 185mm (7.28")
    • Airfoil: S 4083
    • AUW: 200 grams (7oz.)
    • Fuse Length: 870mm (34.25")
    • V-tail angle 110°
    • Dihedral angle: 0°
    • COG: 55 - 70mm from leading edge