TS100 Soldering Iron

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Summary; A reasonable price for a great little iron!

  • This is a really nice soldering iron.  It is consistent, reliable and it sips on the battery. It is as enjoyable to use on the bench as it is in away from the bench environments. Just for fun (and testing) it was used to solder some 14 gage extension cord, outdoors, in 40° temperatures. The iron had no issues getting things hot enough for the solder to flow freely . 

    The iron also works great for PCB work. The iron doesn't struggle trying to heat larger PCB pads and traces like some other portables we've used. Just make sure you have enough solder on the tip to transfer the heat to the trace (This may be the number 1 newbie mistake). 

    In summary, The small handle and lightweight aspect of the unit makes getting into tight spaces easier than larger irons and having an adjustable temperature on a portable is just the bees knees.  

    Note: The TS100 does not come with a power cable. Follow the link below to an XT60 power cable for this iron.



    • Built-in accelerometer with STM32 processor will put it to sleep when put down and wake upon picking it up.
    • Bright OLED screen is clear and easy to read 
    • Digital temperature readout
    • Temperature control is set on the handle for easy temperature adjustments
    • Anti-static insulated structure ensures safety during use
    • Supports custom programmable development (Micro USB Connection)
    • Can be powered via a 3-4s LiPo battery for mobile use

    What's in the box:

    • 1 - TS100 Digital LCD Soldering Iron
    • 1 - B2 Soldering Tip
    • 1 - Allen Wrench
    • 2 - Extra Locking Screws
    • 1 - Operating Manual


    Special FunctionAuto low temp mode when not moved for approx 1 min.
    Operating Voltage12~24V
    Self Temperature RegulationYes
    Operating Temperature Range100°C ~ 400°C (212° ~ 752°F)
    Default Temperature300°C (572°F)
    Handle ColorBlue
    Dimensions168x17x13mm (6.6x.67x.51in)
    Weight21g (.74oz)