UP-S6AC 1s Charger


Charges 1S Packs with MICRO, MX, JST or mCPX plugs.

  • Here is a really nice little charger for us Whoop flyers. This beats parallel boarding your 1S batteries -- hands down! Parallel boards require vigilance for safe operation; You can only charge batteries that are resting at the same voltage and the cells have to be the same capacity. HV's and standard 4.2V's cannot be (effectively / safely) charged together. 

    Conversely, if you use this charger, none of those issues are a problem. Each cell is catered to by the charger. You can set the charge current for all 6 outputs (not individually) and set the charge cutoff voltage independently for each of the 6 outputs to 4.2 or 4.35V. This is a far more flexible method for charging 1S batteries, especially if you want to charge different types together.

    So, as if that wasn't cool enough, the UP-S6AC can be powered by a Lipo pack or by it's internal AC power supply. At home, on the bench, you can charge carefree using good 'ol 120VAC out of the wall or take this charger out into the field and fill up your 1S packs using another larger LiPo (4000-5000mah); or if you have an electrical adapter (links below) you can power the S6AC from your car battery too!


    What's in the box:

    • 1- UP S6AC Charger
    • 1- 110VAC Power Cable (USA Plug)
    • 1- Instruction Manual


    Input Voltage100~240VAC / 7~17VDC
    Max Output4.35W X 6. ±10%
    Charge Current0.1~1.0A X 6 ±10%
    Supported Battery TypesLiPo / LiHV
    Number of Cells1
    DisplayBacklit LCD
    Supported Battery PlugsMicro, MX, JST, mCPX
    Weight200 grams (7.0oz)
    Dimensions125x78x42mm (4.9x3.0x1.65in)