VIFLY R130 - The Brushless Beast!

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We are proud to offer this rock solid performer that is tough as nails! Beginner friendly, but puts a smile on a pros face too. Packs a lot into a tiny and tough package that is ready to rip!

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  • Note (April 2018): We are stocking the updated version with the new Sunnysky motors (less weight & better cooling), new props, and the EMAX Pagoda 2 VTX antenna for much better signal. That is what we love about Vifly, always looking to improve their already excellent products.

    The VIFLY R130 is one sweet little quad. On a 3s battery it's easy to fly and tough enough to endure the beginner / intermediate pilot. Conversely, plug a 4s into it and it will transform from mild mannered teacher to a hang onto your pants acrobat. On 4s there is plenty of speed and agility and tricks are a piece of cake.

    The R130 is powered by 1306-4100kv motors and a 15amp 4 in 1 ESC running DShot 600. Flight operations are handled by an Omnibus F4 flight controller, zipping along at 168MHz, running Betaflight firmware.

    Built like a tank but reasonably light weight the R130 has 3mm carbon arms, a 2mm carbon bottom plate and a 1.6mm top plate of GRP that also doubles as the PDP. The top and bottom plates, sandwich a red injection molded plastic spacer. This combination results a very rigid, torsion resistant frame. The flight controller and VTx are housed inside the frame and as a result are well protected.

    The 4 in 1 ESC is mounted on the top plate via 3 standoffs and 3 screws. Covering the ESC is a 2mm thick plate of aluminum which also doubles as the battery mount, very strong.

    The FPV camera is 120° field of view. Collecting photons is a 1/4in 700TVL, CMOS unit produced by On Semiconductor. The camera pivots in the frame which allows you to adjust the video angle to your liking. The video transmitter is a 5.8GHz, 40 channel affair with an output power that is adjustable between 25, 200 and 500mW. It comes with a stubby, right hand circular polarized antenna. The antenna connection is SMA male. The channels and output power are adjusted utilizing an easy to reach push-button on the side of the quad, marked CH. It is the familiar routine of: "quick press" to change channels, "long press" to change power output. On the top of the frame, just behind the camera there is a 3 digit LED display that that's shows you what channel the transmitter is on and what power level it is transmitting at. In addition, it also displays the battery voltage. A quick start guide is included with the R130 and covers how to use these features in greater detail.

    • Available in either ACCST (FrSky) or DSMX (Spektrum) Protocols
    • Comes with a spare set of propellers and a prop nut wrench
    • Replacement Motors can be found here


    Weight165g (no battery)
    Flight ControllerOmnibus F4, 168MHz
    Firmware BetaFlight
    OSDBetaFlight OSD
    ESCBL Heli S
    GyroSPI 8Khz loop speed
    PropellersDAL T3045BN
    Battery 850mAh 3s - 550mAh 4s / Lipo 35c minimum
    Battery Socket XT30
    Max Battery Dimensions55 x 30 x 30mm