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Weather Flow Wind Meter for Smart Phones

Weather Flow Wind Meter for Smart Phones

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Weather Flow Wind Meter for Smart Phones

Quick Overview

Take & share wind reports anywhere

The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is an anemometer that fits in your pocket.
It works with Android & iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads.

Regular Price: $39.95

Special Price $38.35

Availability: In stock


Take & share wind reports anywhere!

The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is an anemometer that fits in your pocket. Accurate in 2 to 125 mph winds. Records both gusts and average speeds as well as compus readings for wind direction and makes it easy to share the data your friends.
It works with Android & iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads.

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Measure wind speed, direction, average & gusts.

Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and many Android devices. Just plug it in.

Reads in meters/second, miles/hour, knots, kilometers/hour, & beaufort scale.

Share your readings with friends, instantly.

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  1. Great unit! review by Chris on 1/7/2015

    I just got my unit last week. I have tried it out and am very pleased with it. As another reviewer stated, it has a nice stem to allow it to be used with a phone cover. I was a bit concerned with not knowing if it would work with my cover and was very happy to find it indeed does.
    I haven't been able to compare it to other units for calibration purposes but it does indicate wind speeds as are predicted via my online weather info app. Like all the recording abilities of the app for it too. You can also "share it" via posting your results.

    All in all, I'm extremely pleased with this unit. It fits perfectly in my flight box. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a decent wind speed unit!

  2. Excellent product review by Nigel on 1/3/2015

    It worked as advertized -- once I figured out that there is more than one "Wind Meter" app for the iPhone! Make sure you get Weather Flow!

    I'm using it with an iPhone 6+ iOS 8.1.2.

  3. Great wind meter! review by Tom on 12/16/2014

    I recently purchased two of the meters (one for a friend). I was a bit concerned since I have a Lifeproof case on my iPhone5 and the headphone jack on the case requires an adapter (I haven't found any headphones that directly plug in without using the Lifeproof adapter).
    When the meter arrived, I noticed that it has a bit of a small 'neck' are between the main body of the meter and the headphone/mic connector. You can see this in the photos as the dark plastic band between the blue of the meter and the metal connector. This neck is exactly the right size to connect through the Lifeproof case into the phone so no adapter needed!!!

    My friend has an iPhone 6 and we wanted to see how closely they would read, so we opened the door to a computer room a crack (it has a positive pressure system so we would have a steady outbound wind) and were surprised when my meter read 2.5MPH and his read almost 5MPH! We swapped meters but the readings stayed the same. Then we noticed that I had iOS 8.1.1 installed and he had 8.1.2. I updated my phone to 8.1.2 and on retesting, the meters read within 0.1MPH of each other. So, the good news is that they appear to get the same readings, but I didn't have another wind meter so I can't tell which one was the correct wind coming from the door.
    Later, on the slope, I was able to use the meter next to a Kestrel clone and some other wind meter and the meters were all pretty close.
    Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this product. I have had no issues (beyond the different readings based on the phone software), and I would happily recommend this to my friends (already have).

  4. Works Great! review by Wiley on 11/6/2014

    Holding it up side-by-side with my much more expensive Kestrel 1000, the readings track exactly. What makes it better is the app. I get wind direction, lat/lon and gust info. Plus it keeps my history and I can add notes to my reports. And being able to set the sample period is a nice plus. And it doesn't require batteries!

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