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FrSkys new, whoop sized all in one flight controller. 

  • Measuring 29mm square and weighing in at a mere 3.4 grams, FrSky has created a compact F3EVO, RX, ESC combo for micro sized builds.

    The onboard receiver is FrSky's XM non telemetry. It speaks SBUS to the F3EVO via UART 2's RX port. 

    The F3EVO is flashed with Cleanflight/Betaflight firmware and comes from the factory with betaflight 3.0 SPRACING3EVO installed.

    The XMF3E was not designed to use a micro usb cable adapter. Instead a four pin plug with pigtails and a solder on socket are included to handle USB tasks. (which requires cutting apart a USB cable and soldering it to the included four pin plugs, pigtails)

    FrSky's instruction manual can be found here.


    • Dimensions: 29x29x6mm
    • Chipset: STM32F303 CPU (72Mhz), MPU9250 (Accel, gyro,compass), CC2510 CPU for XM Rx.
    • Weight: 3.4 grams
    • Operating Voltage/Current:4.2V@75mA
    • Works with all FrSky Transmitters