Top Model XPower XC 5030 / 14 LS


A new long shaft motor design from TopModel.

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  • Have you ever run into the problem that your chosen outrunner diameter is too big to fit into the nose of your sailplane; or would you like to power your sailplane without cutting the nose off the fuselage?

    Maybe this will help.

    Basically, what we have here is a outrunner with a very long shaft and a machined aluminum bearing housing that bolts to the base of the outrunner. The bearing housing contains 2 ball bearings on the output end, bringing the bearing total to 5 ball bearings supporting the motor shaft (see exploded veiw on the pics above).


    • Recommended number of cells:  6 LiPo
    • KV: 410 RPM/V
    • Max current: 70A
    • Internal resistance: 27mOhm
    • Dimensions: Ø50x68.5 (120.0)mm
    • Shaft diameter: 6mm
    • Weight: 450g
    • Recommended props: 16x10"
    • Maxi T/O weight (sailplane): 9000g

    Whats in the box:

    • Long Shaft Motor
    • Mounting Hardware (cap screws, T-nuts, washers)
    • Female Bullet Connectors
    • 2 Allen Wrenches