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FrSky XSRF3PO Flight Controller


Faster assembly, less weight, clean installation.

  • With the trend toward all-in-one components gaining momentum, FrSky has been busy at work creating integrated flight controllers that reduce assembly time, weight and make for neater builds.

    Introducing the XSRF3PO -- a new all in one flight controller, receiver, and PDB.

    The heart of this flight controller is the venerable F3 processor, a MPU6050 gyro and the full duplex telemetry XSR receiver. This board is also black box ready. Black box has become a popular tool for quad tuning; the ability to see how the flight controller responds to PID changes helps to remove some of the mystery of PID tuning. The black box recorder SD card slot, as well as the micro USB port are thoughtfully mounted on the sides of this FC. This makes them easier to access through the side of the quad when changing SD cards or plugging the FC into the computer. This board also has a built in OSD and a current sensor. The OSD is pre configured in the Betaflight firmware for this controller.  Another feature of this board is that it has been designed to be a PDB. The control signal outputs to each motor as well as their respective power connections have been made available at each corner of the board which helps to make for a very neat and clean looking installation.

    If you would like to peruse the XSRF3PO manual click here.


    • Built-in F3 and XSR receiver module
    • Built-in onboard PDB up to 6S integrate with current sensor
    • Features the latest Accelerometer and Gyro technology.
    • XSR receiver is a full duplex telemetry receiver, it will receive the commands of radios and send to F3 by SBUS (8CH is RSSI) to UART2 of F3, it can also send telemetry information back to the radio via the Smart Port.
    • 8 PWM output signal lines for ESCs and Servos. Arranged for easy wiring on standard pin headers.
    • OSD configuration has been included in Betaflight GUI.

    CompatibilityFrSky Taranis X9D/X9D Plus/ X9E/ Horus X12S/ XJT in D16 mode
    Firmware"FrSky F3" in Betaflight
    Dimensions60x36x6mm with 30.5mm mounting holes
    Weight14 grams
    Operating VoltageUp to 6s
    Operating Current200mAh at 5V
    Number of Channels16CH(CH8 is RSSI)  SBUS to UART2 of F3, Smart Port of XSR to UART3 of F3
    HardwareCPU STM32F303, MPU 6050(Accelerometer/Gyro) ,PDB,OSD,SD.