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Zepsus Magnetic Switch 15A

Zepsus Magnetic Switch 15A

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  • Zepsus Magnetic Switch 15A

Zepsus Magnetic Switch 15A

Quick Overview

General purpose magnetic power switch rated for 15 amps. Small and incredibly strong.

Regular Price: $25.00

Special Price $24.00

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This is a general purpose switch designed for remote controlled equipment. The switch is very small and incredible strong. With this switch your equipment or model can be turned on or off without your need to access it internally. Just move a magnet over the switch, on the outside, and it turns on. To turn it off just pass the magnet by the switch again. The switch has an ultra low stand-by consumption in off-state. The consumption is so low that the switch can be connected to a 300mAh battery for several years without discharging it. The switch has a built-in failsafe function. It remembers its state for at least 10 sec, if disconnect from the battery. It will protects the switch against power glitch caused by bad battery connection etc. There are also many other things it can be used for such as rc submarine, diving lights, immobilizer for motorcycles and cars. etc.

Technical Data
Input voltage range: 3.5v~13v
Output current constant: 15A
Output current burst: >30A
Ultra low stand-by current: 5µA (micro-ampere)
Wire: high-quality 1.5mm2 / AWG 15
Weight including cables: 7.6 grams / 0.28oz.
Length including cables: 17 cm / 7 in
Dimensions: 25 x 8 x 5 mm / 0.98 x 0.31 x 0.20 in
Operational temperature range: -40C to +50C

Production test
All switches have been tested with 20A for 30 sec before delivery. Standby consumption is controlled and a visual inspection is made.

Price includes
Magnet and Stickers


  1. Switch works, instructions lacking review by sailor on 11/19/2015

    There are no instructions on what wires to connect to the power supply or what wires get switched. The "manual" downloaded from the Zepsus website doesn't add anything to the details on Aloft's website. Looking at some videos online, and taking a guess, I found out the following:
    The switch is a single pole switch on the black wire. The wires from the end of the switch with the tiny circuit board go to the power (black to minus, red to plus, as usual), the red wire on the other side is connected directly. There is a little LED that lights when the switch closes. The LED is on the end of the switch away from the wires that go to the power supply. The switch is inside a fairly loosely mounted, clear shrink tube. I sealed the ends with silicone caulk, since I am using it in an RC sailboat. The wire, 15 AWG, is pretty heavy (as would be expected for a 15 A switch). I would have preferred to have gotten the 7 A switch, but it was out of stock. The wire has tinned ends you can solder to whatever wire with connectors you have already.
    The switch will change state when the magnet is moved along it, and the magnet can be about 1/4 away, which is good, since the switch goes under the deck and hatch on my boat. I am using it for the main power on/off so the fact that it switches the black wire is ok, although unconventional. The idea is to seal the hatch with tape and be able to turn the power on and off without un-taping the hatch.
    The magnet is very tiny, so I glued it into the end of a 3/8 inch dowel to prevent loosing it. If you do loose it, any reasonably strong magnet will work. I have some magnetic snaps on my boat cover, and they will activate the switch as well as its own magnet does.
    We will see how it works and lasts under winter sailing conditions.

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