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ZMR250-FH Multi-rotor frame

Regular Price: $31.00

Special Price $20.00

ZMR250-FH Multi-rotor frame. A very nice kit!

  • 250 mini-quad.. Racing, as well as fun flying has become extremely popular in the last few years, in large part, due to the release of amazing quality, well engineered frames like this one. These frames are seriously strong. You can smash'em, you can crash'em and they keep coming back for more. The carbon panels are satin finished and blemish free. The machining is excellent, yielding, smooth edges and burr free holes. All the parts line up and fit together easily and become a seriously strong little frame when tightened down.

     A great value for the money. You won't be disappointed.

    On a side note, the stock landing gear legs fit a little loose.  Fortunately the manufacturer has sent us updated parts which we have included with the kits. 


    Recommended Parts:

    MOTOR: 1806-2206 series 1800-2400 KV 
    PROP: 5-6 inch
    Battery: 1300MAH-2200MAH
    ESC: 8A-12A