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ZMR250 PDB V2 With ESCs

Regular Price: $64.00

Special Price $45.00

ZMR250 pdb V2 with pre installed one shot ESCs.

  • For us, the most exciting thing about this PDB is that the ESCs come with BLHeli firmware and are One Shot enabled. Yep, that's right, super fast throttle response which allows these things to really rip!

    This PDB is well thought out and very nicely made. It really makes for a clean setup which is easier to build and maintain.

    Here's a list of the other goodies that come pre-installed on this PDB.

    • 5V/3A BEC
    • LC power filter - 1.7A
    • 4 opto coupled 15 amp ESCs with BLheli firmware
    • Solder pads for LED stick lights. (2 in Front, 2 in back)
    • Lost model alarm.
    • 3 on/off switches that control lights and lost model alarm.
    • Voltage display with low voltage alarm is included but not soldered on.