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Zulu EPO - ARF

Zulu EPO - ARF

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Zulu EPO - ARF

Quick Overview

The Zulu is a very unique plane that features "Drooperons" on the leading edge, these provide much improved lift and aerobatic capabilities that you have to fly to fully appreciate! Thanks to the drooperons and the overall design the Zulu is hard to classify, it is a slope glider, a thermal glider and can also be electric powered.

Regular Price: $120.00

Special Price $115.20

Availability: Out of stock


This is the ARF version of the Zulu, it includes a pair of Emax ES09MD servos with extended wires preinstalled in the wings. This makes a quick building glider even quicker to build! No servos or extensions are needed for this version. (We do suggest checking that the servos are properly glued in prior to flight.)


How can I explain the Zulu? First I should tell you this is a glider that has some very unique flight surfaces. The Zulu incorporates "drooperons" on the leading edge. These surfaces are the key to the wide flight envelope and smooth aerobatics. While drooperons may not seem that new to you, these are a completely new approach, and the results are amazing. The drooperons work in conjunction with the elevons to increase lift in thermal activities, and also increased aerobatics. All of this is done with just 2 servos. How does all this work?  Here is a link that explains how the drooperons on the Zulu work.

With drooperons installed, the Zulu can reach a much higher lift coefficient, ~80%, before stalling, both right-side-up and inverted. This allows for tighter turns, loops, a lower sink-rate, and slower stall speed. The drooperons are also effective at increasing roll-rate, especially at low speeds. With drooperons, the Zulu is also more stable during the deep-stall maneuver, making landings and altitude control easier.  

So what do you get with the Zulu? It is intended to be able to fly in very light lift conditions, but still be fun to fly. Not only will it soar when other planes can't, but it will make the most of the light lift and allow you to have fun. The Zulu can be tip launched for added height, yet it is very much at home on the slopes. Beginners and advanced pilots alike love this plane!

The Zulu has gone through many prototypes and at least 3 different production versions before this EPO molded version. The EPO version is by far the easiest to build with typical build times well under an hour. Just install your radio gear and glue on the tail. Very detailed instructions are included, so even someone that hates to build should have no issues with this one. The wings are removable via a twist of a screw and unplugging the servo leads, this is great when transport space is tight. 

We have been flying these is a wide range of conditions from a mouse fart up to about 25mph at our local slopes. Pilots of all levels have been enjoying the flight performance. They plane is perfectly happy to make lazy turns in the sky, or turn it up and go crazy doing VTPR style maneuvers right off the deck. That is what makes the Zulu so great, it is very versatile!

Power Option - Yep, she even has a firewall installed below the lightly glued nose cone. We are still making final recommendations for power systems at this time. More details soon.

Light wing loading of 4.6 oz/sq.ft (14.1 gm/sq.dm) means she can float when needed.

Recommended radio gear:

1. Transmitter with flying wing / delta wing mixing capability, expo/dual-rate preferred
2. Two channel receiver
3. AAA square battery pack or 2/3A flat pack. (Either results in a nearly perfect CG for the Zulu in glider form.) 

ARF includes:
Two wing panels with carbon spars embedded and 2 Emax ES09MD servos pre-installed with linkages and extended wires.
Fuselage with motor mount, removable nose cone, and magnetic hatch
Tail fin
Fiberglass wing joiner (black)
pushrods and clevises


Sorry can not ship to the UK or Germany. Please see your local distributor.

Additional Information

Design Colors No
Version No
Airfoil Zup1060 & Zup1065
Wingspan 59 in (1.5 meters)
Wing Area 556 sq.in (36 sq.dm)
Length -
Empty Weight -
RTF Weight 18oz (510 gm)
Controls Aileron, Elevator
Construction EPO Foam
Recommended Setup

Please see the highly detailed instructions for all specs.

  1. Excellence review by Gospike on 10/15/2016

    Wow. What a fun plane to fly. I'm an intermediate(at best) flyer and have enjoyed the heck out of this plane.

    For whatever reason I couldn't get the Zulu videos out of my head. I decided to stop by Aloft when I was on my way back home to Nelson Family Vineyards. It was a first visit. They were great. Staff was friendly and had a hell of a lot of information. I really enjoyed my visit. We grabbed a kit and filled the box with servos, skid plate, extra props for my quad copter, battery packs, and ... other excellent junk. It was a fun visit.

    The build was easy even though my building skills are still rookyish.

    My maiden voyage was in the mountains of Hopland above my ranch. It was a thermal/slope kind of day. Wow. As luck would have it the CG was spot on. And the flying was killer. I rapidly when from low rates to full throttle. It was fantastic. It makes me smile thinking about the flights I've had. I wish my writing was more descriptive! It is a very smooth flying plane until you decide to get on the sticks. It turns into a tight turning beast. What fun!

    Finally, was really looking or a sloper that could fill in the days when lift wasn't Goat Rock awesome. This is the plane.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Here's an unedited copy from a new fly site I'm learning about at the top of my farm. https://youtu.be/A4LjRMRkO6Y I have another I need to post with incredibly light lift. This plane is awesome!

    PS. Tape on the wings...


  2. A fun plane review by Tunabiker on 9/2/2016

    I've flown my "drooperon" fitted plane a lot at the Torrey Pines Gliderport and find it quite a good experience to fly. I don't know how the drooperons work, but if they contribute to the flight characteristics, it is apparently positive. It rolls easily and flies inverted without a hitch (saying a lot for my experience and skill level!) It is also shown quite durable as it took a while for me to get the coordinated performance of ailerons and drooperons, leading to several booges of the nose into the dirt. Still, it is awfully good to fly and raises lots of eyebrows from my sloper friends out there.

  3. Zulu review review by DS on 8/24/2015

    I have had several Zulu flying sessions since returning to AZ... in a variety of flying conditions from light to moderate slope lift and moderate to strong thermal conditions. Here are a few impressions:

    I really enjoy carving big "classic" figures with this bird... circles, loops, rolls (fast, slow, barrel, point), bunts, Chandelles, Immelmanns, Split S's... and various combinations. She is super smooth and carries her speed through multiple maneuvers. I have a setup with low aileron and elevator rates which makes this kind of flying easy.

    She indicates thermal lift very well and will catch and hold a thermal easily. She does a nice tight thermal turn... flat or heavily banked.

    While I prefer the big smooth stuff, dial up the rates and a whole new series of maneuvers are possible. She will crank and bank in a "small box" AKA IYF (In Your Face) flying. (I prefer this type of flying with my smaller wings and gliders; but Zulu will DO IT!) With a little speed she does a wicked tumbling snap roll which will turn into a nice spin and then a very flat spin (given a couple rotations and sufficient altitude) when you hold full stick in either of the bottom corners.

    I thank Zupair for making it available as a well designed and implemented commercial product.

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