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3800 mAh Lipo Transmitter Pack for the QX7

4.96 25

More flight time. Less charge time.

  • Many people have been asking for a large capacity lipo for the Q X7, so we worked with Gens Ace and had this pack specially made just for you. Enjoy!  This is a 3800mAh transmitter pack that comes with a JST connector as well as a 2S balance lead and is a drop in replacement for the stock battery clip.

    WARNING - Do not attempt to use an NiMH battery charger with this battery or any Lipo battery! Extreme fire danger.

    Dimensions 71 x 51x 17.7mm (2.7x2x.69in)
    Weight 135g (4.7oz)
    Nominal Voltage 7.4
    Nominal Capacity mAh 3800
    Standard Charge mA 3800 (1C)
    Cell Type Lithium-Ion Polymer
    Maximum Discharge Rate unspecified
    Cells 2
    Max Burst Discharge Rate unspecified
    Connector Type JST
    Wire Gauge 22
    Wire / Plug Length 60mm (2.3in)
    Balance Connector JST-XHR-5P