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400mm Receiver Antenna - FrSky

400mm Receiver Antenna - FrSky


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400mm Receiver Antenna - FrSky

Quick Overview

Clip on FrSKY receiver antenna - 40cm long.

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Need a longer antenna? FrSKY makes it easy. Just unplug your old antenna and plug in this longer version. Great for getting your antenna to the optimal position. Away from electrical loads, carbon fiber and metal. For carbon fiber planes we suggest you drill a hole and pop the unshielded end of the antenna outside the aircraft.

This is a great length for carbon gliders and other aircraft where you want to get that antenna out away from shielding materials.

  1. Improved Range review by David on 3/8/2016

    My aircraft have frequently had range limitations head on due to the tight fuse space to locate antennas and the blockage from motor, esc, and battery fwd of the radio.

    Bought two of these some time ago and finally got a chance to test them first out of an aircraft compared to the PCB antennas on the same receiver. Virtually identical performance. Then I installed them in a wing installation at wide spread and angled 45 deg back to roll axis. Based on extensive range checking at different orientations and in particular the nose to transmitter orientation, these antennas will significantly increase my safe range.

    Note that I do not typically remove the wings from my aircraft for transport.

    Have just purchased several additional sets.

  2. significant range increase review by fpvwannabe on 3/27/2013

    im using a pair of these with a d4r-ii in a skysurfer based fpv rig. using the stock antennas, laid out in a make-shift 90-degree configuration inside the foam fuselage i was able to take it out to 2km, but at that point the transmitter was double- and tripple beeping constantly.

    after having swapped the stock 2b tx antenna for a 5db omni antenna, and swapping the stock rx antennas for a pair of these - perfectly placed on the vertical and horizontal stabilizers - i can go 3km with ease, with only an occasional single beep now and then. in ground tests failsafe kicks in at a 6km equivalent!

    since i originally tried the stock rx antennas with the 5db tx antenna and only saw a moderate range increase, i believe swapping to these balun equipped antennas was the major reason for the increase. i highly recommend these balun antennas (the shrink wrapped metal cylinder near the active end) for anyone that needs serious range out of their frsky system.

    (Note from Aloft - FrSky informs us the dipol antennas can expect a 30% range increase over the standard antennas.)

  3. reduced servo jitter and reduced interference for fpv review by Row on 11/23/2012

    I have been using these antenna's on my stock rx's and have been pretty impressed so far no issues. I have a wing which had jr 821 servos in it for some reson they buzzed a lot when I started using the stock antenna, replaced them with these 40 cm ones and moved the antenna location and waalllaa hit the sweetspot.

    I had really bad range with the stock ones for fpv on 1.3 replaced them with these and all problems solved it saved my rssi and telemetry and still gave me good range for fpv fantastic stuff for cheap..

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