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6 Pin Mount

6 Pin Mount


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6 Pin Mount

Quick Overview

This cool little mount makes installing Multiplex style wing connector with 6 pins much easier.

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Sold as a pair of mounts.

Does not include 6 pin connectors.

Can be used with pre-wired harnesses.

  1. Nice neat installation review by Konrad on 11/4/2015

    The original Multiplex green 6 pin housing snap fit into these mounts with near perfect pressure. The electrical contacts and green multiplex housing release far sooner than the green housing from these mounts when pulling wings apart. So the fit seems appropriate to me.

    The only down side I see is that the rib in the wings (or whatever) need to be recessed 1.5mm to accommodate the mounting flange,This looks to be a bit much, but shouldn't be an issue with most models as long as they aren't pre covered ARFs. Some ARFs might not have thick enough ribs or access to the back of the rib for mounting support.

    These mounts seem to have a bit more molding flash than what one would expect, but it is easy enough to to clean off the flash.

  2. Not a good solution review by Richard on 7/11/2015

    Although the idea is excellent, the product, is not the best, by far. These are the issues I found (may be I am not smart enough for the product, anyhow) 1) the connector fits under pressure to the matching housing, which is the part that is to be attached to the wing. May be CA would help, but I didn't like the idea. 2) the connection is really hard. Quite unnecessary for servos, as their own connectors are not that hard to connect or disconnect. Looking at this with the good eye, well is like needing a 10AMP ESC and choosing to use a 50AMP. Not bad, not the best approach.
    3) Alignment of both sides of the connector is a matter of very good luck, given that eve you can align the housings, through the alignment of the screw holes, because the connectors do not have a perfectly defined location into the housing there is no way have a good matching. In summary, the effort that takes to set this in two wings, does not pay to avoid the hook up of the servo extensions. The idea is really good (actually I use connectors in one of my planes) but the solution is disappointing, to say it nicely

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