Aircraft Hangers - Small


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When you're not hanging it on the prop, hang it on these straps!

  • Find more room in your garage / hanger using these handy dandy Aircraft Hangar straps. Made from nylon webbing with steel rings sewn into the ends, the hanger straps have a max load rating of 220 lbs. The slings are made of nylon and have a non slip material sewn into them to prevent the fuselage from rolling over while suspended.

    One set includes two hangers - one for front of the model and one for the tail. Measurements are list below.

    • Forward Hanger: Strap - 47in (1194mm) / Sling - 35.5in (901mm)
    • Tail Hanger: Strap - 41.5in (1054mm) / Sling - 23.5in (597mm)

     So there you have it, a safe and easy solution for suspending models from the ceiling.

    • Velcro makes opening and closing the slings quick and easy.
    • Hangers have strong steel rings.
    • Anti-slip inner side of sling.
    • Max load 220lb - (100kg).

    RC aircraft model hangers work well with all types of models (large power models, gliders etc.).

    Note: Aircraft Hangers do not include ropes, hooks or airplanes.