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Alpha 2.0m

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This wildly affordable 2 meter full composite glider which offers great bang for the buck!

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  • The Alpha 2.0m is a very nice glider with clean lines, a sleek profile and a very friendly price. The Alpha features a 2 piece wing and is quick and easy to break down for compact storage and easy transport. 

    Available in either pure glider or electric glider, she is ready to work for you. The Alpha is a great introduction to composite airframes, or for those more experienced you will be rewarded with a nice flying plane that offers good performance. 

    We only offer the Alpha 2 in a fiberglass layup as we do not see an advantage to a carbon layup on this model. With a smallish wing joiner airspeeds should be kept below 140mph. At Aloft Hobbies we define things a bit more honestly than our competitors, they would say this is a hotliner, but we consider a hotliner to be an airframe capable of 200 mph+ speeds. These sorts of speeds are actually very hard to obtain and are rather rare. Actually the hotliner term has been so abused we don't like it at all. The main issue we here is that other very similar wings have failed at high g-loads when the wing joiner box starts to pull out of the wings. This has generally only been seen in 140+mph dynamic soaring laps. The larger 2.8 metter sister ship does not have this issue.

    This kit includes hardware such as servo covers, servo trays, control horns, pushrods and clevises, the electric version gets a firewall as well. Electronics are not included.


    Weight (Empty Airframe)
    Wing Area32.1974dm2
    CG Position80mm from leading edge.
    Firewall diameter34mm

    The Alpha 2m in glider form:

    It's motorized counterpart:


    On the Electric Alpha 2m, a nifty servo access cover located just behind the wing allows for ease of maintenance of the elevator and rudder servos and leaves plenty of room and easy access for the battery.


    Removing the canopy on either the glider or electric version reveals the large compartment, with ample room for your gear of choice.


    Underneath are the four carbon reinforced servo pockets for the flap and aileron servos. The contrast between the top and bottom paint schemes are well apparent.


    Alternatively, you can mount the elevator servo in the tail.