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Alpha 2.8m

Impress your flying buddies at the slope or field with this handsome 2.8 meter glider.

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  • Glider builders and pilots will love this one. The Alpha 2.8m V-tail glider offers good looks, good performance and one of the best prices you will find. The Alpha line packs a lot of performance per dollar.

    When we first got these gliders into the shop as samples we were not expecting much based on the price, but after inspecting them and putting them through their paces we are very pleased. They are not top-of-the-line super awesome monsters, but they will for sure hold their own and plant a big dumb smile on your face. We don't know of another plane that comes close when you factor in the low prices.

    The Alpha 2.8 is a great first 3 meter class glider or E-glider. If you are brand new to composite planes we suggest the glass layup. If you are experienced and ready to push this plane a little harder, then the carbon layup is a great choice. The carbon planes pick up some weight, but they also benefit with even more strength. If you are a slope pilot, either layup is good, but the carbon should resist damage to the wings during those short rough landings.

    The Alpha is outfitted with large flight surfaces that simply add to the fun. Generous bottom hinged flaps allow this plane to put on the brakes when needed. A large carbon wing joiner allows this plane to handle the loads.

    The Alpha includes additional hardware such as servo covers, servo trays, control horns, pushrods and clevises, the electric version gets a firewall as well. Electronics are not included.


    Weight (Empty Airframe)1700g
    Wing Area53.2134dm2
    Firewall Diameter36mm
    Starting CG90mm

    The Alpha 2.8 glider version features a slip off nose cone and inverted tray.

    The electric version features a canopy for easy battery access. 

    An innovative feature on the electric version is a removable access panel on the left side of the fuselage, just behind the wing. It allows for easy access to the V-tail servos and leaves more room for your motor, ESC and battery up front.

    Opening the canopy on either versions reveals ample room for your gear of choice.

    The bottom of the wing shows the four carbon reinforced servo pockets for the flap and ailerons. The contrast of the top and bottom color schemes are well apparent.