Orbit Eris Digital Servo - 4.7kg (65oz/in), 0.10 sec - 8.5g Metal Gear

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Why Orbit servos make so much cents... and dollars

Orbit has something unique to offer to the servo market. If for any reason you decide to replace your Orbit servo, you can do so for a very low price! Just mail us the old servo and you can purchase a replacement for a great price! You can do this for any reason at all! Think of it as a cheaper servo renewal!

  • Servo stripped a gear?
  • Plane had a rough landing and you would feel better with a new servo. 
  • Your plane is at the end of life and you are building a new one.
  • It's Tuesday.. Whatever, we don't care.

Returned servos will be inspected and if they still have life we will find them a new home at a school for science projects, local kids in need of gear, etc. Please contact us for current replacement price. (We will have them on the site eventually.)

About the Eris

First off Orbit decided to name all of their servos. Gone are the confusing letters and numbers. Let us introduce you to the Eris, a lightweight, slim, small, metal gear, high torque, high speed servo with a low price. Wow that is a lot!! 

The Orbit Eris digital servo are an amazing for the price due to their ability to put out a large amount of torque with good speed. At 9mm thick and weighing in at only 8.5g, these are a fine selection for many R/C applications.

We have flown many planes with these servos and really like them. How much? This is the same servo we built the Carbon Falcon around!

One thing we really like with the Orbit servos are the short wires. It is rare we need long wires, and when we do it is easy to use an extension of the correct length. Way less mess in our planes.

Check the specs, we think you will like this as much as we do. :)

Body Dimensions 23x9.1x32mm(0.9x0.35x1.26in)
Operating Voltage 3.5 ~ 6.0V
Operating Current 140mA ~ 200mA
Speed 0.12sec.60º/ 0.10sec.60º
Stall Torque 4.0kg.cm / 4.7kg.cm
Dead Band ≤3uSec
Travel 40º/one side pulse traveling 400us
Position Sensor High Precision Japanese Potentiometer
Ball Bearing MR74
Gear Train Metal
Wire Length 95mm 
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~+60℃
Weight 8.5g (.29oz)
Orbit Eris Digital Servo - 4.7kg (65oz/in), 0.10 sec - 8.5g Metal Gear
Orbit Eris Digital Servo - 4.7kg (65oz/in), 0.10 sec - 8.5g Metal Gear