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Dualsky XM2838EG-9L, 1350KV

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 An affordable alternative to gearbox inrunners. 

  • Here's a neat idea, an out-runner with an extended shaft for use in electric sailplanes with slender fuselages. 

    The extended motor shaft and bearing housing allow the motor to be mounted 22mm aft of the firewall. The idea is to provide enough room between the motor bell and fuselage side for the motor wires to pass by without being abraded by the spinning motor bell. 

    The long shaft motors feature longer stators and lower winding counts which provide the greater torque necessary for turning larger diameter propellers. The motor extension tube contains it own large ball bearings that support the extended 4mm motor shaft. DualSky has chosen to use a locking collar instead of an e-clip to retain the motor bell and shaft. They believe that machining an e-clip groove into the motor shaft would weaken it. The locking collar can be removed if there is a need for more exposed motor shaft for the propeller collet. 

    Like all of DualSky's products these motors are very well machined, have tight windings, tight magnetic tolerances and use quality components throughout.

    Please see the detailed drawing above to determine whether this motor will be a good fit for your particular aircraft.


    X-Motor Series XM2838EG-9L
    Stator Wind9 Turns
    Stator Teeth / Mag. Poles12 / 14
    Weight 98 grams
    Outer Diameter28.8mm
    Shaft Dia.4.0mm 
    Motor Mount Hole Spacing16 x 19 mm
    Motor Idle Current @ 10V1.9A
    Winding Resistance29.3mOhm
    Maximum Efficiency Current15A
    Burst Current (15s)30A
    Peak Power Output (15s)360Watts
    Max Torque255mNM
    Recommended ESC30A min
    Prop Thrust Test Data 
    see below
    Recommended Prop  (3s) 9x7-10x6-10x8
    Airframe Recommendation F5J 1000-1500g Up to 3.5 meter span / 800-2000g RC gliders