Dura Blade

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Tough, affordable, moderate grip.

  • A good all around prop and tough as nails. The Dura Blades do not usually break in a crash, they bend. Bend them straight again and keep flying. You can usually do this a few times before they crack and need to be replaced.

    A great performing, economical, cruising propeller.

    • Sold in Pairs, 1CW and 1CCW
    • 5" x 4.5"
    • Fits 5mm Shaft Size
  • Customer Reviews

    Good find from a amerature pilot

    Great prop. Significantly faster response than the Gemfans have. They also seem to make the quad feel lighter than the Gemfans do. Excellent flight feel. Review by A Non Yemous • (Posted on 2/26/2018)

    Solid performers

    Wasn't sure about these but always been happy with Aloft products, so thought I would give a set a try, especially at this price. I picked up a set of Smoke blades and been beating the heck out of them. First off, they look great, secondly they perform better the Gemfan I used to use. I swear I have better punch out and longer run times. But best of all, they have taken a beating. Couple of my flying buddies are using them now after seeing what mine have survived. Going to go try some of the speed props for my new racer. Review by Rocket • (Posted on 11/7/2017)

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