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Foam Tac - Adhesive

Foam Tac - Adhesive


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Foam Tac - Adhesive

Quick Overview

Powerful Foam Glue!

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Foam-Tac  2oz Bottle

Bonds Depron, EPP, EPO, balsa, carbon fiber and more.
Dries clear, is fast acting and does not melt foam.
Stays flexible, and is never brittle.
Also great for waterproofing.

Aloft only sells the new and improved formula of Foam-Tac. (Anyone selling for a lower price is selling the old formula in the smaller bottle.)

A customer recently turned us onto Foam-Tac and we are glad he did. This is a wonderful glue for pretty much any foam project. You can even make hinges with this glue. Glue to peices of EPP foam together with Foam-Tac, then try and pull it apart after it cures. You will find that you can not tear the joint apart, the foam will fail first.

  1. I love this glue. review by Guy T on 8/14/2014

    Never thought I'd be leaving a review for a glue, but here I am. This is now my favorite glue of all time. I have found many uses for it, not just foam. It stays slightly flexible, clear, and not messy. I use it for foam, mounting servos, control horns, etc. Seems to glue just about anything. I use this and epoxy, and that is about it anymore. Going to order some Quick Grip this time around, it is from the same company.

  2. Best Foam Glue ever! review by Twyl on 6/12/2013

    I picked this up on recommendation of Wayne here at Aloft and didn't really know what to expect, but this stuff is the bee's knees. It dries quick clear and is still flexible when dry. Works great for all your foam needs but can glue together almost anything. Where it really shines is making hinges, as it is super strong yet flexible. I used it to to attached Laminate filmed wings to laminate filmed control surfaces (no foam involved) and it's supper strong. If they carried this in a quart size I'd get it.

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