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Foam Tac - Adhesive

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Powerful Foam Glue!

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  • Foam-Tac  2oz Bottle

    Bonds Depron, EPP, EPO, balsa, carbon fiber and more.
    Dries clear, is fast acting and does not melt foam.
    Stays flexible, and is never brittle.
    Also great for waterproofing.

    Aloft only sells the new and improved formula of Foam-Tac. (Anyone selling for a lower price is selling the old formula in the smaller bottle.)

    A customer recently turned us onto Foam-Tac and we are glad he did. This is a wonderful glue for pretty much any foam project. You can even make hinges with this glue. Glue to peices of EPP foam together with Foam-Tac, then try and pull it apart after it cures. You will find that you can not tear the joint apart, the foam will fail first.