FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor (FBVS-01) No Wires

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The FrSKY Battery Voltage Sensor is used with the FrSKY telemetry system. No hub is required to use this sensor. (Receiver must support external sensors.)

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  • There are three voltage ranges to choose: 

    • 1S lipo for battery voltage range from 0V~6.6V
    • up to 3S lipo for 0V~13.2V
    • up to 5S lipo for 0V~19.8V. 

    Please check the battery voltage division ratio for each option:
    1S  2:1
     2S - 3S 4:1
     3S - 5S 6:1

    Does not work with X8R receiver (see analog voltage sensor for this application).
    Does work with: D8R-II Plus and XP, D4R-II, XSR, X4R, X6R and possibly others.

    NOTE: No longer supplied with wires.