FrSky SD1 SBUS Decoder

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Convert any conventional servo into an SBUS compatible servo.

  • A compact and easy to use SBUS decoder allows you to convert any conventional PWM servo to an SBUS compatible servo. This decoder converts an SBUS output to a PWM signal for use by a conventional servo. FrSky recommends using the Servo Channel Changer, listed in the related items section below, to set the desired channel for your servos.  

    If you would like to peruse the manual, you can find that here.

    There has been some confusion for the correct way to wire this board. Please see the photos down in the question section for a little better clarity. 

    Dimensions 8 x 12 x 3.1mm
    Weight 0.45g
    Operating Voltage 3.5V-10V
    Current Consumption 24mA@5V
    PWM Output Rate 18ms/55Hz