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FrSky SP-FLVS - Smart Port Lipo Voltage Sensor

FrSky SP-FLVS - Smart Port Lipo Voltage Sensor


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FrSky SP-FLVS - Smart Port Lipo Voltage Sensor

Quick Overview

The FrSky Smart Port Lipo Voltage Sensor plugs into the balance port of your battery pack and allows you to monitor pack voltages while flying. No more guessing about your battery condition.

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The Smart Port Lipo Voltage sensor is easy to use, just plug it into a Smart Port equipped receiver at one end, and plug the sensor into the balance port of the battery you want to monitor. That is all there is to it. it can measure total pack voltage and individual cell voltages. Also very handy for checking battery voltages outside of the plane. Just plug in a pack and check the easy to read OLED display.

Dimension: 35mm x 23mm x 6mm
Weight: 6g
Measurement range: 2S~6S (6 - 25V)
Power Consumption: 25mA@5V
Voltage display resolution: 0.01V
Voltage detection precision: 0.05V
Operating temperature range: -10℃~70℃
Pixel: 128*64 OLED screen
Compatibility: FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers such as the X8R, X6R, X4R, etc. 

A short video from our friend Scott Page:

  1. A Real Lifesaver review by Crady on 10/2/2015

    The ultra low-power OLED display is awesome for at-a-glance pre-flight battery checks even in bright sunlight, but what I really appreciate is the real-time cell monitoring I get with my Taranis Plus and D8R-II Plus receiver.
    No second guessing and no need for a balance alarm. After a few minutes setting up the Taranis I now get spoken reports on my battery condition well before the point of risking a puffed LiPo.

  2. Very good voltage sensor review by David H on 3/1/2015

    I have used the analog voltage sensor in three planes but I had a 6s in a edf and this was the solution. Reports correctly based on comparison to my dvm. While I have other means to monitor individual cells out of the plane the lcd is a nice touch while not required by me in flight.

  3. Use D16 mode 5 review by Timothy on 1/25/2015

    The sensor works great but I found SPort telemetry (only) works for me on the X8R when bound in (what Frsky call) Mode 5(D16) which is no jumper for binding and holding down the F/S button on reciever when using D16 mode on the Taranis.

    A1 voltage telemetry was working in mode 1 D8 mode ( using a jumper over signal pins 7 and 8) but no other telemetry would work even though the documentation says it does.

  4. Great solution for battery monitoring review by B Fun on 12/8/2014

    I love this sensor. Much better solution to battery monitoring than an on-board buzzer. With this sensor you have complete voltage level telemetry and can setup multiple audible reporting and alarms from your Taranis for any voltage trigger point(s) and/or battery cell combos you choose. Only issue is sensor occasionally does not display all cells when first connected to battery, but this is easily corrected by simply unplugging and reconnecting. You just want to make sure you see all cells on display before you fly. I have several of these and never fly with one.

  5. excellent review by DaddyBigas on 11/19/2014

    This works great. I love having individual cell voltage reporting. Highly recommended.

  6. Clean and simple way to monitor Flight Battery Voltage review by Wayne aka Hoggdoc on 11/18/2014

    This is a very elegant way to monitor you flight battery voltage. By using it with a Taranis TX you can have both visual and audible alerts from this device reporting battery conditions.

    For instances on my 250 mini quad, when flying FPV low and fast, I use the Taranis' audio alerting system to tell me battery voltage every 10 seconds during my flight. Sure I could use a OSD system, but the SP-FLVS is smaller and lighter and doesn't clutter my screen view.

    This may not be the solution for Long Range FPV, really works very well when flying close in.

  7. Works exactly as advertised review by Paul on 8/11/2014

    Works great in my DJI Phantom 1 with X8R receiver and my Taranis. I can now fly this older copter with far greater confidence than before now that I know the battery status at all times.

  8. Awesome product at a great price and quick shipping to boot!! review by Brandon on 8/6/2014

    Today I received my FrSky Smart Lipo Voltage Sensor and I must say I'm impressed by this little sensor. When connected to a lipo battery via the balance cable the screen automatically reads the amount of cells in the pack. And overall voltage right next to it. Right below that this sensor lists the voltage of each cell. And the best part is everything is in color!! That's right, a color display screen so you can read everything quick and easy. No more double checking or doubts when it comes to voltage checks. The quality of this unit far exceeds others I'm this price range. I ordered one of these on Monday 8/4/2014 and received it on 8/6/2014. I chose the cheapest shipping method and their service is lightning quick! I will definitely buy more products from Alofthobbies.com very soon. If you are on the fence about which lipo checker to get this is a must have in everyone's tool box. Thank you so much Alofthobbies for producing a high quality unit at a very affordable price; You guys are awesome!!

  9. Really nice sensor review by Robert on 1/7/2014

    Just received my SP-FLVS from Aloft (great service as we know) and am impressed. Connected a 3 cell lipo and voltage of each cell popped up on the (amazing to me) little OLED screen, and in color, so - great for checking lipos before flight. However, the really nice thing is the easy hookup and the telemetry part. Plugged it in to the Smart Port of my X8R, connected the lipo to the balance plug, programmed my Taranis (from Aloft of course) to show cel and cells on the telemetry screen turned on the Rx and, voila, cell and pack voltages right there. Couldn't be easier. If you fly electric lipo powered planes -- get one, you won't be sorry.

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